Dryer Transition Duct Information

  I have reviewed many home inspection reports and one of the many things that stand out is how some home inspectors report on dryer vent connectors. Recently a picture of a flexible dryer transition duct was posted on a home inspector Facebook page and another home inspector commented, “That’s not allowed”. Since his statement […]

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Chicagoland Home Inspectors Announce That Roof Inspections Just Got Easier, Faster, and More Efficient With Drone Technology

Chicago Evening Post Article American Society of Home Inspectors Article CHICAGO, IL – 04-02-2018 — Roof inspections were once a hazardous activity where life and limb could be at risk from fragile roofing materials, high roofs, and steeply sloped roofs. This made the job of thoroughly inspecting a roof as perilous as it was important […]

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The Importance of Downspout Extensions

I was doing a home inspection in Glenview when I informed my client about the lack of downspout extensions.  The real estate agent spoke up and stated that the home inspector she uses doesn’t think that is a problem.  I always thought that every home inspector calls out downspouts discharging too close to a house.  […]

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Fix Sagging or Sticking Doors

Fix tight doors by tightening hinges and jambs—sanding is a last resort. This post shows you how to fix a sticking door in most cases without removing the door. Get instant results and enjoy a trouble-free door. Overview It seems that when a door is difficult to open or close, everyone calls the handyman or […]

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Maintaining Your Furnace

Annual maintenance and inspections prevent problems. The furnace in your home controls the temperature and circulates the air to filter out dust and allergens. Annual inspections by HVAC professionals will keep your furnace functioning properly and efficiently by finding issues with tuning and safety features of the unit. Common problems found include: Heating and cooling […]

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Compare Home Inspection Companies

We know you have a choice in home inspections. We, at Chicagoland, want to give home owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing their home has been inspected using the best equipment, by skilled professionals who are committed and passionate about their work.  We also provide the best warranties should that unpleasant surprise happen. […]

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Garage Door Springs

Quick, how much does your garage door weight? Probably more than you think. If you’ve lifted your door manually, you were getting help from the tension spring above the door. This spring is what makes 200 pounds feel like 25—and your electric garage door opener needs all the help it can get. Opener Woes Most […]

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About RecallChek

We submit the serial numbers and model numbers of the appliances in a home.  About 10% of the appliances we see have recalls on them.  This service is include with our fee and can transfer with the home.

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