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Our Home Inspectors in Chicago are competent, experienced and passionate professionals who use the best equipment to create the most detailed reports in the entire Chicagoland area. We are the only company that limits our inspectors to only one inspection per day and we ask every client to judge us publicly by providing a review when everything completed. We use tools like thermal imagers, moisture meters, combustion analyzers and black lights, to find and verify more issues during our home inspection which empowers you to negotiate for the best deal when purchasing your new home. Our mantra is to be the most thorough, accurate, and professional home inspection company in entire Chicagoland area.



Chicagoland Home Inspectors clients do research, they check reviews, and verify that someone working for them is worthy of them.  If that is you, then we want to prove our worth.  When a client is thorough and we match them up with one of our well educated inspectors, we have a powerful team.  We work with you to make sure you have the documentation to help with your plans for negotiations.  Please keep reading the questions below.  Click on the questions to see our answers.  You will see that none of our competition provides the type of service we provide. We claim to be the best home inspectors in Chicago.  Click the bios of the inspectors and you will also see the reviews that our clients have left for them personally.  


Our Services


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Sewer Scope

This is one of the most expensive issues to correct if there is a problem.

Chimney Scans

There is no way to see the damage without sending a camera up the flue.

Radon Testing

Radon is the number one add-on purchased by homebuyers.

Mold Testing

Air sampling is the only way to determine if mold spores are in the air.


Lead and asbestos samples can be sent to a lab for verifications


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