Professional Equipment Used on Inspections

  • Thermal Imaging Camera – FLIR cameras with MSX Technology.
  • Combustion Analyzer – To determine if the furnace is properly tuned and check for Carbon Monoxide.
  • 4K Camera attached to a flying drone (only if we cannot access, and walk, the roof)
  • Moisture Meters (if we see areas of active water)
  • Natural Gas Detector
  • Outlet testers
  • 1300 lumen flashlight
  • 12-foot ladder to access roofs and attics.
  • We include photos and videos in all of our reports.
  • Blacklight to find hidden pet stains.

This is just one of our tools that make us the most thorough, accurate, and professional home inspector company in the Chicagoland area.  Below are additional reasons to let us be your home inspection professional. Click on any of them to find our more information.

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