Congratulations on your new home.

Please take the time to review the information below because home inspectors are different.

It takes us about 3 hours to do the tests that we do (large homes and homes with many issues do take longer) and another 2 hours to write the report. This is why we only do one inspection a day (per inspector) and prepare the report that same day unless special arrangements are made.
Our schedule is live online. You can find availability of slots by clicking the button below.


  1. There is a discount of $50 available if you post a photo of us doing what we do to our Yelp, Google, or Facebook business pages (one or all three) during the home inspection.  That will reduce the fee to $445. This is for homes up to 2500 square feet.
  2. Fees increase $50 for every 500 square feet of the home thereafter.
  3. Subtract $50 for for condo buildings where we are not inspecting the roof or exterior. (highrises)

We use equipment such as thermal imagers, moisture meters, combustion analyzers, drones, and black lights. We believe we offer the most thorough home inspections (complete with warranties) in the entire Chicagoland area.

Please see our reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook by searching for Chicagoland Home Inspectors (we have offices in Northbrook and Chicago). We conduct our inspections assuming you will leave a review after you receive our report. Reviews help us strive to be as thorough, professional, and accurate for you so we can earn those five stars. By opening ourselves up for public criticism, we have no choice but to complete the most thorough and accurate inspection for you, our client.


  1. Radon – $225

    This test takes two to three days to complete. Our technicians place a continuous radon monitor in the home. The report is delivered the same day as when the machine is picked up. Please call, or text, to get the average readings in the zip code of your new home.

  2. Sewer Scope – $225

    We will send a camera from the access point in, or in front of, the home to the street connection. We will record the video and place the video in the inspection report. You will be able to send a copy to a plumber to give you an estimate on the repairs. If we are unable to gain access to the sewer line, the fee will be removed from the invoice. The Sewergard Warranty is extended to 12-months when a sewer scope is preformed.

  3. Chimney Scan – $180

     We will inspect the fireplace and chimney as part of the normal inspection.  Our limitation is the flue.  We cannot see up the flue.  This is a dirty process and we do have special equipment to overcome this limitation.  This price is for the first flue. Additional flue videos are $100 each. We will take a 360 video of the inside of the flue and the video will be added to the report. Our videos allow you to see entire inside of the flue. These videos can then be sent to chimney sweeps for a fast price for repair.

  4. Mold Testing – $200

    We normally do not recommend mold testing.  If we see any type of visible mold, then it should be cleaned prior to any testing.  This upgrade is designed for you, or a family member, who would want piece of mind that the air that you breath is free of any mold spores. Th$200 is the initial fee is for mold testing during the inspection. Each additional sample is $75. The testing starts with two air samples, one outside as a control sample, and the second is in the area of concern. Each air sample covers only one room or up to 800 square feet. By taking a sample in every room can increase the cost significantly.


These warranties are included in every inspection we perform. Please click and read the policies carefully.  They don’t cover everything, but they do cover a lot. We include these in our price to protect our clients.


Sometimes we have clients who negotiate for a home warranty.  The company that we work with has a pretty good offer for those who do an inspection with us.  Since we are so thorough in our work, they are willing to extend the warranty to 18 months.  You must use our company and schedule through this link in order to get the extended time.

Again, we do want to work for you.

We create the most detailed inspection reports and have the best equipment used by skilled professionals who are committed and passionate about their work.

We do not believe that just anyone can do this job properly. That is why I personally approve every inspector who works under our name. I will not allow our reputation to be tarnished.

We also provide the best warranties should that unpleasant surprise happen.

Negotiating After the Home InspectionIf you would prefer to talk to a real person; my name is Charlie. Please call, or text, me at 630-327-2700 with any questions you might have.

Best wishes,

Charles (Charlie) Bellefontaine
Chicagoland Home Inspectors, Inc.

P.S. We hope you choose us as your home inspectors.  The best way to get an appointment is to click on one of the Schedule an Appointment buttons. Whatever you choose, I’d like to gift you with a short eBook called Negotiating After the Home Inspection.  Hopefully it helps.